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Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

  With Thanksgiving approaching, most people are thinking about the turkey.  Me? I'm all about the SIDES!  This Brussels Sprouts and Bacon dish is one I'm going to whip up for T-Day and is a great one to make or bring to your gathering because it's sooo easy, yummy and only takes 15-20 minutes. Add this to your list of things to make for Thanksgiving this year! I think I'm the only one in my family who gets really excited about all the different vegetable sides I get to make and eat on Thanksgiving...but can you blame me?  Turkey gets all the attention, and I'll be honest here:  I'm not a huge fan.  So, this non-turkey fan needs to make up for it somehow.  The sides and desserts are where it's at for me. Even if you aren't a brussels sprouts fan -- give this one a try: the crispy, salty bacon complements it so well, and I find that the secret to a more palatable brussels sprout is to chop it into smaller pieces so that the outer layers have a chance to g

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